• 1.SDVoE+

    SDVoE (Software Defined Video-over-Ethernet) is the latest high-performance, software-based AV-over-IP platform that controls and distributes audio visiual systems of a Ethernet/Fiber networks. With SDVoE, programmers, manufacturers and software engineers easily analyze customers' needs in order to build new and interesting applications.

    Switching and distribution are commoditized by Ethernet as the AV industry inevitably transitions to IP-based solutions. How do AV manufacturers add value? Creating powerful endpoint processors and software applications are key. Endpoints that convert between AV signals (HDMI) and Ethernet contain processing engines that reformat and reconstruct audio and video signals as needed (scaling to a display; putting up a video wall; downmixing audio, etc.).

    The software that creates user experiences by telling those endpoints what to do is the other area ripe for innovation.
    SDVoE technology is the standardized interface between the endpoints and the software, providing the momentum to create new classes of applications.

    SDVoE technology is:
    The most widely adopted networked AV standard in the industry, delivering HDMI over Ethernet with zero latency
    The only turnkey solution for zero-latency AV over IP available to AV equipment manufacturers
    A full stack solution, clearly specifying an approach to every layer of the OSI network model, from the physical infrastructure to an application programming interface (API).

    A comprehensive API that provides a simple interface to control complex tasks like video wall processing, image compositing, video routing, scaling, aspect ratio management, audio downmixing, and much more.



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