• Government


    Distribute mission critical information.

    AVLINK secure and real-time solutions are ideal for the situation room, surveillance & security, and emergency operations center.

  • Fashion


    Enhance the fashion experience.

    AVLINK solutions are designed for changing fashion.

  • Design House

    Design House

    Multi task with productivity.

    AVLINK solutions are designed for design house applications including architecture and electronics.

  • Corporate


    Productive, Collaboration, and Conferencing.

    AVLINK helps you collaborate productively in meetings. Your company benefit from your No.1 advantage - human engagement.

  • Education


    Smart Classroom Solution.

    AVLINK offers total solution for smart classrooms with efficiency.

  • Healthcare


    Enhance healthcare outcome and patient experience.

    AV LINK solutions provide total solution for presurgery, surgery, to the training rooms.



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