• Hospitality


    Satisfy several scales of hotels and resorts. Flexible installation meets the needs of standard hotels, business hotels, extended stay hotels, chain hotels, etc. to luxurious all-inclusive tourism resorts.

  • Industry


    Suit for different venues for industrial control. Flexible installation meets the needs of manufacturers, hi-tech factories, power generating stations, water or sewer management, and traffic control.

  • Transportation


    Useful for different kinds of transportations. Flexible installation meets the needs of airports, train and subway lines, and stations.

  • Entertainment


    Flexible installation from sports bars, restaurants, and entertainment lounges to arenas, stadiums, concerts, theatres, casinos, theme parks, museums, and cruise ships.

  • Esports


    Support various scales of esports. Flexible installation meets the needs from on-campus student centers with gaming stations to world-class esports arenas.

  • Retail


    Meet the needs of big events in outlets, shopping malls, and department stores. Besides, suit for new product displays and special offers in showrooms.

  • House of Worship

    House of Worship

    Suit for congregations big and small. Flexible installation satisfies the needs of congregations in worship rooms, chapels, church, and mosque complexes.

  • Education


    Create a smart classroom. AV LINK provides efficient and interactive total solutions for classrooms.

  • Healthcare


    Enhance healthcare outcomes and patient experience. AV LINK provides a total solution for presurgery, surgery, to the training rooms.

  • Corporate


    Built for meetings. AV LINK helps you collaborate productively in meetings.

  • Design House

    Design House

    Process multitask with productivity. AV LINK solutions are designed for design house applications including architecture and electronics.

  • Fashion


    Enhance the fashion experience. AV LINK solutions are designed for changing fashion.

  • Government


    Distribute mission-critical information. AV LINK's secure and real-time solutions are ideal for the situation room, surveillance & security unit, and emergency operations center.



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