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why av link for ENTERTAINMENT

Large Entertainment Venue

  • Flexible installation satisfies the needs of large venues like arenas, stadiums, concerts, theatres, casinos, theme parks, museums, and cruise ships.

Medium-sized Entertainment Venue

  • Suit for sports bars, restaurants, and lounges.


  • Pixel-for-pixel video: audiences expect to experience the fidelity of video content when it is shown on large screens. The higher the FPS (frames per second), the smoother the motion shows in sports. 
  • Never miss an important moment: there are A/V sources in the whole venue. Audiences can continue watching the live action on screens in concession stands when queuing for merchandise and refreshments.
  • Synchronized audio, video, and live event: zero latency keeps synchronized content. Those who enjoy the same concert and sports game can cheer and immerse themselves in live applause simultaneously.
  • Abundant A/V content: private suites of entertaining venues offer not only live action but also forthcoming events and TV channels to entertain guests during breaks. 
  • Venue Security Protection: security staff can access the high-quality live video feeds from each space and locate those who need instant assistance. 
  • Satisfy several formats of events: flexible installation meets the needs of medium-sized venues like sports bars, restaurants, and entertainment lounges to large venues like arenas, stadiums, concerts, theatres, casinos, theme parks, museums, and cruise ships.
  • Venue-wide consistent advertising: distribute audio and video from a central control room to every digital signage. 
  • Versatile video modes - matrix switch, multi-view display, and video wall: multiple signal sources can be shown on different displays in a range of environments.
  • Custom Systems Integration: AV LINK's Application Programming Interface (API) allows customization for all kinds of entertaining applications and keeps the flexibility to scale in the future.



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