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Luxurious All-inclusive Tourism Resort

  • Flexible installation satisfies the needs of large resorts, connecting any A/V content on the property to any location.


  • Suit for standard hotels, business hotels, extended stay hotels, chain hotels, etc., networking A/V content from an executive suite to a meeting space, and vice versa.


  • Level up the visual experience: with captivating A/V quality, the visual possibilities are unlimited, and the goal is for guests to have the most memorable accommodation experience.
  • Never miss any A/V content: transport the background music across back-of-house areas and multiple public spaces located on different floors, including a rooftop pool, lounges, restaurants, gyms, and fitness studios, day spas, wedding and event spaces, grand ballrooms, conference rooms, a ground-floor lobby, and an underground level.
  • Venue Security Protection: security staff can access the high-quality live video feeds from each public space and locate those who need instant assistance.
  • Satisfy several scales of hotels and resorts: flexible installation meets the needs of standard hotels, business hotels, extended stay hotels, chain hotels, etc. to luxurious all-inclusive tourism resorts.
  • Beyond a hotel: it is worth creating a nuanced environment for guests that surpasses the uppermost level of coziness and convenience. Synchronized A/V content plays a vital role in immersive entertaining environments and engages guests with the rooms and property. 
  • Venue-wide Signal Distribution: transmit an A/V signal from anywhere and distribute it to the video wall, the LED screen, or anywhere else on the property. For instance, you can network A/V content from a deluxe suite to a conference room, and vice versa.
  • Custom Systems Integration: AV LINK’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows customization for various applications of hospitality and keeps the flexibility to scale in the future.



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