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  • Display all information on all monitors with drag and drop in any layout.
  • Let the decision-maker make productive decisions.


  • Work collaboratively anytime! Both employees and guests have the freedom to share in any way they want. Collaboration becomes easy, seamless, and instant.


  • Our pro-A/V system contributes to all kinds of meetings in conference rooms, huddle rooms, and working spaces.


  • Uncompressed video: levels of management and office workers expect to experience the crystal-clear video shown on screens.
  • Zero-latency content: applications include synchronized audio and video distribution over IP networks to devices on different floors, such as huddle rooms and boardroom displays, desktop computers, digital signage, etc.
  • Satisfy the needs of communication within the enterprise: flexible installation can meet the needs of multi-floor broadcasting entertainment groups, high-tech enterprises, automobile manufacturing companies, etc. to communicate with employees scattered on different floors simultaneously.
  • Enhance collaboration: with the ability to deliver the same message and video to all employees, corporations can improve team productivity and efficiency.
  • A/V content anywhere: enable the distribution of numerous sources of A/V content to screens of all sizes in multiple locations across the company.
  • Speed up decision making: with a multi-view video, decision makers can compare different images and videos easily to accelerate decision making.
  • Custom Systems Integration: AV LINK’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows customization for various applications of corporates and keeps the flexibility to scale in the future.



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