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AV LINK's SDVoE Solutions Transport

Synchronized Video to Multiple Spaces in a

Serviced Apartment


AV LINK assists a Thailand-based serviced apartment to create a nuanced environment for guests that provides an unsurpassed level of convenience and accessibility. The installation used the IPS devices (4K/60Hz AV over IP) powered by SDVoE and certified by NETGEAR.


Yuu Residence Sriracha is a 29-story condominium and serviced apartment nestled within Chonburi, Thailand. Yuu Residence Sriracha boasts 285 guest rooms and suites, over 1,600 square meters (over 17,222 square feet) of public areas, including a Japanese-style tatami room, an infinity pool, an outdoor hot spring, and a private beach with a patio and pier. Ten minutes from downtown, Yuu Residence Sriracha is surrounded by restaurants, shopping malls, medical facilities, and corporate and industrial hubs. Boasting magnificent ocean views, Yuu Residence Sriracha is designed to deliver a unique combination of and balance of life to promote the ultimate living experience.

“Yuu” implies magnificence and superiority, reflecting Yuu Residence Sriracha’s mission to design and deliver the highest quality living experience. Yuu Residence Sriracha set out to provide residents with an entertaining environment to promote engagement across the property.

Yuu Residence Sriracha selected AV LINK to create an unparalleled environment for guests while promoting convenience and accessibility. With captivating A/V quality, the visual possibilities were unlimited, and the goal was for guests to have the most memorable accommodation experience.

“AV LINK’s IPS devices offer 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 video resolutions. It provides outstanding video quality over a 10-Gigabit network. AV LINK's technology enables zero latency and seamless switching making it possible to present instant entertainment content that will amaze guests and exceed their expectations. The IPS devices with AV-over-IP functionality support various video modes, including video walls and multi-window video displays,” said Doris Chang, sales representative for AV LINK.

“The IPS devices provide intuitive web GUIs to allow the Yuu Residence Sriracha to configure audiovisual content through a powerful platform. AV LINK provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to assist the environmental control system in integrating the IPS devices and controlling them directly to reduce operational complexity in the same environmental control interface. Those in the control room can also use third-party controllers through IR, RS-232, and USB connections. It provides the flexibility to control the remote projectors and TV or adjust the volume without moving to the conference room or event site,” she explains.


 The IPS Devices Deliver Real-time Video to Two Meeting Rooms in a Serviced Apartment

“AV LINK’s APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) help us to integrate the IPS devices with the existing environmental control system and transport the video to multiple meeting rooms and event spaces,” explains the team of Intelcraft Solution, a representative for Yuu Residence Sriracha. “It is important that AV LINK helps us achieve increased functionality at a lower cost. Additionally, the after-sales services are immediate and incredible.


AV LINK's IPS devices harness SDVoE’s AVP platform to instantly transmit perfect pixels and data. The IPS devices provide one of the most advanced IP streaming solutions by supporting 4K/60Hz 4:4:4, zero latency, and seamless switching for mission-critical applications, including healthcare, corporate, education, and government. Powered by SDVoE’s technology, the IPS series offers excellent synchronization on all video wall screens, from 480p to 4K pixels.


   The IPS Devices for Various Customers

   Worldwide Integrator

     ·Asia: Thailand

   ·Europe: Italy and UK


   ·Connext Sriracha in Chonburi, Thailand

    ·Yu Residence Sriracha in Chonburi, Thailand


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