The HDM-3EXCU - HDBaseT™ 3.0 HDMI Extender Achieves Impressive Visual Displays in a Museum
AV LINK helps the largest private museum in Taiwan equip incredible storytelling capability and enables visitors to be immersed in the story with STARE 3D projection mapping and the HDM-3EXCU Extender. The story is based on "Four Allegories of Music," the largest painting in the museum, which was born in Vienna in the 19th century, to create a panoramic experience.

【STARE 3D Projection Mapping Powered by HDM-3EXCU Extender】
STARE 3D Projection Mapping Powered by the HDM-3EXCU Extender

The team of Neoway Technology, the technical representative for CHIMEI Museum in Tainan, Taiwan had some expectations for enhancing the existing technical equipment. The museum needed the long-distance distribution and conjunction of high-performance, uncompressed audio, and video. Additionally, the related equipment should be space-saving in the exhibition hall. The technical representative contacted Leo Tu, sales representative for AV LINK.

“The HDM-3EXCU Extender adopts HDBaseT™ 3.0 to deliver Ultra HD (4K/60Hz 4:4:4) and supports up to 100 meters with CAT 5/5e/6/7 cable,” says Tu. “The HDM-3EXCU Extender supports not only USB 2.0 for KVM but also a local loop on the Transmitter (Local) to monitor real-time streaming content to the Receiver (Remote),” he explains.

“The HDM-3EXCU Extender connects to the projectors to transmit video over a long distance. We can also monitor the existing 3D projection mapping via our computers in the control room. The HDM-3EXCU Extender helps us save time via remote monitor because we do not need to check the projected content in the exhibition hall. Besides, the HDM-3EXCU Extender is easy to be installed because of its compact size  (L 107.2 x W 69 x H 20 mm / L 4.2 x W 2.7  x H 0.8  in),” says our client.

Products Used for the Case


                                    The HDM-3EXCU
8K/ 4K HDMI + KVM HDBaseT Extender distance to 100 meters



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