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2023. March. 28 [ 2023.03.28 ~ ]

AV LINK’s 4K/60Hz AV Over IP Upgraded the Thailand-based Event Venue Connext Sriracha

AV LINK’s 4K/60Hz AV Over IP  
Upgraded the Thailand-based Event Venue 
Connext Sriracha

AV LINK upgraded the existing event spaces in a Thailand-based meeting and wedding venue to transport instant and seamless-switching video to satisfy the needs of the seminar, conferences, marriage ceremonies, and all kinds of activities. The installation used IPS-AC and IPS-M (4K/60Hz AV over IP) powered by SDVoE.

Connext Sriracha is located by the sea in Chonburi, Thailand. It boasts 4 conference and event spaces of different sizes and a private beach with a patio and pier. The technical representative for Connext Sriracha planned to upgrade current facility infrastructures with the latest technology to enhance the management of several sources across multiple displays like televisions and projectors on different floors and provide seamless control.

The IPS-AC allows high-quality A/V signal at 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 over a 10-Gigabit network and distributes zero-latency video up to 100 meters via standard Cat 6a cables for displayed crystal-clear video in a surgical seminar or a high-standard wedding. The IPS-AC also features Power over Ethernet+ (PoE+), a preset-event function to schedule the video, excellent heat management with a fanless design, and several video modes, including a matrix switch, multi-view display, video wall, and KVM in an all-in-one device without adding other extra infrastructure.

AV LINK assists the client in decreasing expenses and installing space by replacing the existing transmitters and receivers with the IPS-AC, the transceiver (the integrated transmitter and receiver with bi-directional transmission). AV LINK’s APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enable the third-party controller to integrate the IPS-AC and make them simple to use while having enough control. The customers can choose which sources go into different conference and event spaces by the environmental control panel in the control room and the buttons on the walls of the two second-floor meeting rooms. AV LINK provides an intuitive web GUI (Graphic User Interface) through its own controller IPS-M for advanced systematic configuration like audio routing, audio breakout, audio insertion, and extraction. The IPS-M allows the engineers in the first-floor control room to control the computers on different floors and switch the music of the first-floor ballroom, the Japanese-style tatami room (Sala-Zen) located in the courtyard, and the two second-floor meeting rooms.

AV LINK's IPS AC provides the advanced IP streaming solutions by supporting 4K/60Hz 4:4:4, zero latency, and seamless switching for mission-critical applications, including healthcare, corporate, education, and government. 


Since 1988, AV LINK has been a professional provider in the Pro AV industry with expertise in 4K and 8K video processing algorithms driven by FPGA. With Taiwan-made high-quality technologies, AV LINK has provided different types of solutions in the industry. For more information, please visit www.avlinksystem.com. Send an email to sales@cctch.com.tw to contact us.

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