• 19-inch rack chassis with 7U height.
  • Compliant with IPS-AC, IPS-AF & IPS-M.
  • Installs maximum of 13x IPS devices (IPS-AC, IPS-AF & IPS-M) in a single chassis.
  • Standard equipped with power supply and cooling fan units.  
  • Ideal for space-constrained applications.
  • 工作區域 11 複本 45

    Easy Management of Devices

    RM-7U is particularly designed for IPS devices (IPS-AC/ AF/ M) that makes device management easier and more efficiently.



    工作區域 11 複本 44

    Power Supply Equipped

    Saving the power adaptors and away from tangled power cords by connecting DC power from power supply in RM-7U to the devices.



    工作區域 11 複本 43

    Cooling Fans installed

    Heat management is always a critical subject to electronic products.

    Intensive air ventilation with cooling fans exhausts the heat from rack and device system rapidly.

    Dimensions  483mm x 311mm x 300mm (WxHxD) (Case Only)
    483mm x 311mm x 349mm (WxHxD) (All Inclusive)
    Weight 6,200g
    Chassis Material Metal
    Color Black
    Power input 100 - 240VAC, 4.0A, 50/60Hz
    Power output 12V/ 26.7A
  • RM-7U x 1
    Power Supply
    Cooling Fan



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