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Technology Company's Meeting Room

The MaitreView™ 4KPlus Upgrades A Technology Company's Meeting Room
AV LINK transformed the traditional meeting space of a technology company to deliver uncompressed and zero-latency video sources in India. The installation used the MaitreView™ 4KPlus to satisfy the meeting with multiple attendees. The technology company pursued efficient communications in collaborative meetings and wanted to set up a high-standard multifunctional meeting room for the corporate headquarters. When speakers on each side of the conference room press the microphone buttons to talk, the associated 4K PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) camera focuses on the speakers and displays their avatars on the multi-view layout at the bottom of the screen. When the chairman presses the microphone button, the avatar collected by the corresponding 4K PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) camera is always presented in the middle of the screen on top. Furthermore, the diverse meeting materials, including videos and documents, always be displayed on the second screen at the same time as the presentation. The MaitreView™ 4KPlus includes two HDMI outputs that are operated independently, and the conference room's equipment is centrally managed by a control system using a combination of API and RS-232 commands. The contents from computers and 4K PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) cameras displayed on both screens can all be linked and synchronized flawlessly.
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AV LINK's MaitreView™ 4KPlus provides more functionality for the meeting room. Using this innovative multi-window video processor, the client can display multiple views on both screens or display multiple views on one screen and display a single view on another screen at the same time. The presenters can always adjust the size of the region depending on the size of the crowd in the meeting room. Besides, the 4K/60Hz uncompressed quality provides sharp videos along with the 4K PTZ cameras.


“When we saw the MaitreView™ 4KPlus with the advanced FPGA algorithm, we saw a wow element in the meeting room. The MaitreView™ 4KPlus not only raises the equipment of the meeting room but also brings a new communication experience to speakers and audiences," said the technical director of the Indian technology company.


“The MaitreView™ 4KPlus also features an on-screen display (OSD) for identifying input sources as well as modularized borderlines for highlighting specific places. Users can modify the colors of borderlines and update user names in the on-screen display (OSD). The versatile control of the Web GUI, tablet APP, front buttons, RS-232, and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) underpins the easy administration of the MaitreView™ 4KPlus,” added Burt Lee, vice president for AV LINK. 


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