• Easy to be configured as an overlap adjuster through convenient computer tools
  • The computer tools are user-friendly and flexible, allowing users to easily operate
  • Color temperature adjustments capability
  • Supports USB connector to connect  IEB-22 with computer
  • Supports HDMI connector for output display identical images at local side
  • Supports 2 HDMI connectors for input and 2 HDMI connectors for HDMI output interfaces
  • Supports HDMI interface or S/PDIF interface for audio output
  • Supports HDMI Remote Extender (Optional)
  • Supports resolution up to 1080P for each edge blending screen
  • 12V power adaptor
  • 1U rack design
  • Hardware 
    Input Connector HDMI Type A Female:- IEB-22 (H) x 2
    Output Connector HDMI Type A Female (Local Video Output):- IEB-22 (H) x 2
    USB Connector Micro USB type x 1
    Audio port Digital Optical Toslink x 1; RCA Digital Audio x 1
    Power Adapter (Min.) DC 12V with Lock
    LED Indicator Device/Signal Status x 8
    Housing Metal
    Mounting Rack mountable (1U-rack-mount kit)
    Weight 2.85Kg
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 444x222x44 mm
    Max. Resolution 1080P for each projector
    Control Information 
    Max. Resolution Local: 10 meters (Max.) / Remote: 10 meters (Max.)
  • IEB-22 (H) x 1
    12V /5A Power adaptor x 1
    CD Manual x 1 
    HDMI cable x 4
    Micro USB cable x 1 



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