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The MaitreView™ 4KPro to Update An Architectural Company's Meeting Space


When a Taiwan-based architectural company upgraded its multi-purpose meeting space, it acquired AV LINK’s MaitreView™ 4KPro for seamless switching and real-time Drag & Drop to deploy regions. The architectural company decided to update the meeting room with a 4K screen and a 4K HDMI multi-window video processor because the initial equipment did not meet the existing needs.

Dong Hua_1060

 The MaitreView™ 4KPro – 4K/60Hz HDMI Multi-window Video Processor


Benson Hsu, general manager for Dong Hua Building Materials in New Taipei, Taiwan, evaluated the existing equipment inside the meeting room and discovered some problems. He needed high-quality images to accurately interpret some structural details related to the buildings. The team’s people also could not cue different things on the screens at the same time. When they presented to the clients, they needed to compare different structure charts and also needed to revise the charts based on the immediate requests of the clients during the meetings. Hsu contacted Burt Lee, AV LINK’s vice president, to solve the issues.


“The MaitreView™ 4KPro provided a comprehensive solution that could create an uncompressed 4K/60Hz video across the two screens,” says Lee. “It was essential for our client to do content with different windows on the screens and fill the entire screen with the material for a 4K display. Additionally, the MaitreView™ 4KPro’s 2 HDMI outputs both support 5-split 4K layers," he explains.


“With the MaitreView™ 4KPro, we can have 5 videos and files including CAD, sketch, and photos displayed simultaneously. We can also jump back and forth and put layers on top. The system helps save 50% of the time compared with before. The MaitreView™ 4KPro is flexible and amazing,” says Hsu.


 The MaitreView™​​​​​​ 4KPro Diagram

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