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2021-08-12_MaitreView 4KPro (1)
Productivity is critical to companies in improving their external and internal communications. Conferencing from meeting rooms to seminar rooms where employees and guests meet, collaborate, and share in secure places without the disrupting the entire company is a necessity.  

MaitreView™ 4KPro boasts leading-edge technology capabilities delivering value to the importance of good decisions making and collaborative team management in the workplace.

- Uncompressed 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 resolution ensures no loss of any details on the data.
- The power of flexibility in sharing files simultaneously, communicate in realtime, and have an interactive collaboration is optimized by 4 x HDMI inputs & 2 x HDMI outputs with independent layouts on each output.
- Creative collaboration is enhanced with real time 5 split layers deploying on 2 screens.
- Employees and guests can show all information any way by drag and drop on two  screens, creating ownership of their performance.



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