• Controller for multiple LCS-D1.

• Web-based GUI with user friendly 3D environmental editing.

• Show and Schedule - Support up to one month pre-schedule playback.

• Network management, and content management for playlist setup.

• Autoplay after saved setting.



    Web GUI

    Web GUI

    LightCasso Web Client is a web-based client with a fully 3D environmental editor and launched in supported web browsers without any installation. 

    Content Management

    Content Management 

    LightCasso controller and the device can store users' 3D objects and multimedia. Moreover, the LightCasso controller automatically deploys required contents to each LightCasso device when using cooperation mode.




    The LightCasso provides a scheduling feature to set up show playback. After setting configurations, LightCasso will autoplay the user show on schedule.

    Show & Schedule 

    Show and Schedule

    Users can organize a show with several landscapes as a show with playback sequence and time. Then, the LightCasso controller and devices demonstrate the show in order. Moreover, users place shows in a timetable for up to a month.

    Playback Sync

    Playback Synchronization 

    Users can use multiple LightCasso devices together at the same time to build a cooperated projection mapping. When playing the landscape, the LightCasso controller handles the progress of playback in different LightCasso devices to make each device synchronously play.


    Resolutions 3840 x 2160 (16:9, 4K at 60 FPS)
    Display HDMI 2.0 Output 4K@60Hz
    Internal Storage 32GB High Speed eMMC
    External Storage microSD Card support
    USB 2.0 external storage x2
    USB 3.0 external storage
    Memory 4GB Dual-Channel DDR3
    Audio /
    Ethernet 100/1000Mbps
    Power Supply 100~240V AC, 50/60 Hz,
    DC input: 12V@2A




  • LCS-M x 1
    Power Adapter x 1
    User Manual (Online) x 1



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